“If I had to choose between throwing my iPhone into a burning fire vs. throwing my journal into the fire, the journal would win every single time.”

Your journal is either one of your most valuable possessions or left in your bookcase never to be touched again. It all depends what you fill your journal with. Today I want to share with you one journalling idea that I use myself quite often. Journalling, when done regularly, leads to fresh new insights that transform your life.


Write down your goals each day in your journal. It sounds simple. That’s because it is. Take this idea and use it to not lose track of your long-term goals that get swept up in the chaotic mess that is our day-to-day life.

This is by far my favourite journal idea of all the journal ideas that I have and that also makes it one of my most crucial parts of my morning routine. Every morning, I wake up, grab a cup of coffee, grab my journal, and re-write my goals.

Here’s what you should do:

  • Every morning before you start your day open up a fresh page of your journal and write down your top 20 goals. Yes the top 20 goals. If you can’t think of 20 goals then think harder!
  • The next day, do the same thing without looking at the previous day
  • Do this for 30 days. Wake up, write, re-write, rinse and repeat. What you will notice is that you will start to discover patterns. Your goals will start to clarity, transform, and change all together. This is good because it shows you what really matters in your life.